Developed specifically for educators working with children with deaf-blindness, the Distance Mentorship Program (DMP) provides a platform for teachers and parents to 1) learn about deaf-blindness, 2) find out about strategies to improve learning and engagement in inclusive classrooms, 3) collaborate online with specialists and other providers, and 4) receive distance coaching from state-level TA providers about their implementation of recommended strategies.

Here you’ll find instructions for how to do some of the common tasks (uploading videos, etc) and links to school DMP wiki’s.

Select your school from the top menu above to post comments and view/upload video specifically related to your child or student.

Free Deaf-blindness Tutorials

We encourage you to try out our free online DMP tutorials. These tutorials provide general information about deaf-blindness, as well as describe common evidence-based strategies for teaching and engaging with children with deaf-blindness.

Download the DMP Technology Quickstart guide (.docx)